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Girls’ Generation loses its Ice Princess

SNSD’s Jessica Jung

Social media went buzzing earlier today as news reports started circulating regarding Girls’ Generation’s Jessic Jung’s  cryptic Weibo postings.  According to the said posts, Jessica has been kicked out from her group amid her eagerness to join the activities lined up for them, which include their first fan event in China, “Mr. Mr in Schenzen” slated later today.

Many thought that Jung’s personal account was hacked since nobody from either SM Entertainment (Girls’ Generation’s management) or Jessica is clarifying the said matter.  However, when members of SNSD (SoniSo Nyeo Shi Dae in Hangeul) started arriving at the Incheon International Airport, Jessica was evidently missing, which only further fanned rumors that maybe there’s some truth behind the Weibo post.

Hours later, a news source magazine in South Korea known for exposing the personal lives of South Korean idols, posted pictures of Jessica and rumored boyfriend, Tyler Kwon arriving at around four in the morning at Incheon Airport on board a flight from New York.  The two used separate exit doors, but according to the said magazine source, they came from the same flight.

SM Entertainment then issued an official statement indicating that due to Jessica’s personal activities, she will cease to participate in further group activities with SNSD after the end of one more album promotions.  The statement added that the other girls, Taeyeon, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, Sooyoung, and Seoyoung together with their management will work harder as they continue with their group’s promotions.

Girls’ Generation

Sm statement and Jessica’s Weibo posts are contradictory as the former made it looked like Jessica was persistent in doing individual activities while in Jessica’s supposed post in Weibo, she claimed that she was “kicked out” from the group by both the management and the other eight girls.

Whoever is telling the truth, only time will tell.  As of now, two things are clear, Jessica will no longer be part of SNSD and that she is still under SM Management, as an individual artist.

This isn’t the first time that SM Entertainment has encountered this kind of problem with its groups.  Super Junior lost Hangeng and Kibum, Yunho and Changmin are the only remaining members of TVXQ, Kris left EXO, and just recently, SM announced that Sulli from F(x) will temporarily be on hiatus from any F(x) activities.

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