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Gazmin welcomes PNOY support on AFP

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin welcomes the support of the Aquino administration to the Armed Forces of the Philippines as the institution acquires new equipment that President Benigno Aquino III boasted during his last State Of the Nation Address.

Gazmin said that the with the administration’s support to the AFP’s Transformation Roadmap paved the way for them in acquiring new military equipment.

The DND Secretary admits that ever since he was assigned by the President as the head of the DND, he already felt PNOY’s giving importance to the welfare of the soldiers.

Proof of this is when President Aquino approved most of his recommendations for the welfare of the soldiers, including additional benefits.

Gazmin hopes that whatever programs the Aquino administration started, the next administration will continue all these.

The DND Secretary added that the AFP has ample funds to acquire the new AFP equipment.   (with DZRH Bing Formento)

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