Freelance model commits abortion

Authorities are after a freelance model, confirmed of having an abortion and her friend who helped her in Quezon City.

The QCPD are looking for the whereabouts of Janice Andaya, 24 years old, and I.T analyst Mark Elmer Turingan, 30 years old regarding the abortion incident that happened in Brgy. Tatalon, Quezon City.

Andaya is being charged with Violation of Article 258 of the Revised Penal Code or the Abortion practice while Turingan will be facing Obstruction of Justice and Usurpation of Authority after posing as a cop and assist her friend in leaving the UERM Hospital.

According to Pol. Inspt. Elmer Monsalve, Chief of the Homicide Division of the QCPD, the said model admitted herself at the UERM Hospital because of bleeding after aborting her six weeks old fetus.

On July 2, Andaya contacted an abortionist from Quezon City.

Andaya was already under Police custody but Turingan pretended to be a cop and helped her escape. (Judie Anne Abejero)

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