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Former Health Sec. Garin says Dengvaxia underwent due process, debunks “mafia” claims

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Former Health Secretary Janette Garin on Monday reiterated that the government has allocated due time before implementing the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur.

During DZRH’s Damdaming Bayan, Garin explained that the government began talks regarding the dengue vaccine way back 2010 due to the growing number of dengue patients and its mortality rate.

Garin also emphasized that formal conversation ignited in 2012 and that it took about 11 months for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the licensing of Dengvaxia.

“Yung approval ng Dengvaxia ay 11 months and 6 days, ang (usual) na approval ng FDA sa gamot ay 8 months so hindi po ito minadali,” Garin noted “2010 pa lang ay pinag-uusapan na ang Dengvaxia, documented iyan.”

According to the Health Secretary, the government was bent on giving the public a solution to the pandemic of the dengue disease prompting them to purchase the Denvaxia vaccine from Sanofi.

“Walang gamot sa dengue, nirekomenda ng experts ang Dengvaxia vaccine kaya binili ito,” she stressed.

Contrary to the previous claims that the Dengvaxia vaccine causes “severe” dengue, Garin also explained that Sanofi made a vital error and that it only caused “mild” dengue – as regard to the medical term used in the Philippines.

“Hindi nila na clarify, irresponsible stated.”

On the recent revelation of Dr. Francis Cruz, the former consultant of then-Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial, he accused Garin and several other DOH officials of profiting from the dengue vaccine and subsequently exposed the alleged “mafia” system within its agency.

During an interview with DZRH’s Magandang Umaga Pilipinas, Cruz said that Garin together with other officials supposedly evolved into a mafia after they were repeatedly tempted into corruption.

“I’ll leave it to the NBI kung sinong ‘ulo’ ng mafia transactions. But I can say right now, Garin has strong influence over these people,” Cruz said.

In response, former Health Secretary Garin voiced that she has no personally knowledge of Dr. Cruz and that his accusation lacks any substantial evidence.

“Isa pong malaking kasinungalingan ang sinasabe ni Cruz. Hindi ko po siya kilala,” Garin said.

According to Garin, she will be filing a case against Cruz for his false accusation on the alleged corruption that happened within the DOH during its purchase of the Dengvaxia.

“Kung hindi lalaban ang ahensya, lalaban ako. I will file a case against him,” she added.

In a bid to soothe the growing distress of many parents, Garin also revealed that her children, along with her relatives’ children have all received the controversial vaccine.

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