Former First Gentleman seeks permit to travel


Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is once again seeking permit to the Sandiganbayan for him to leave the country.

In a motion filed by the Arroyo camp, Mr. Arroyo is asking the 7th Division of the Sandiganbayan if he can leave the country from July 20-25 (Japan) and July 25-27 (HongKong).

Based on the said motion, Arroyo will be staying in Japan from July 20 to 25 and will go to Hongkong from the 25th to the 28th.

The former first gentleman is under the Hold Departure Order in relation with his graft case.

The anti-graft court has allowed Mr. Arroyo to leave the country in the past because he keeps his end of the deal by returning to the country on the specified date.

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