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Former CUBE artists sign with PSY’s P NATION

HyunA and former Pentagon member E-Dawn

Former CUBE Entertainment artists’ Hyuna and boyfriend, Kim Hyojong (E’Dawn) have finally found their new home, at world Hallyu star Psy’s owned company, P Nation.

The two signed their contracts on January 27, wherein Psy even shared a video of the two happily doing their thumbprints in their contracts.

Hyuna and Hyojong made news after their relationship was revealed to the public last year.  When news broke out about the two, their company tried to deny it, but the couple personally admitted it, earning mixed reactions from their fans.

A few months after, Cube released a statement that their two most-priced artists are leaving the company.

Meanwhile, the couple, who are currently on vacation, have expressed their excitement in venturing into a new company.

Fans are now excited for the two artists’ impending comeback.



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