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Flower of Peace rather than Cherry blossom 


Incheon, Republic of Korea – a peninsula country in the Northeast Asia – is full of cherry blossoms around the middle of April and generally in this time of period, people go out to feel nature and fully enjoy the energy of spring. However especially for this year, people have gathered together outdoors not only just to see the cherry blossoms but for another special reason, peace.

In Incheon, the members of International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) – the youth working for human rights and peace- and their families came out to the park to spread the message of peace by taking pictures.

The message that these youth were delivering was not merely to show their condolence and encouragement to the citizens who were innocently sacrificed in the recent Belgium terror attack. But it was to emphasize the significance of implementing an international law for peace, which was derived from the awareness for fundamental and sustainable solution in order to have no more victims from war and terrors.

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