FIBA Asia Cup qualifying game between PHL and Indonesia to push through

The International Basketball Federation will push through with the scheduled games for the 2021 FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers.

In a letter dated Feb. 17, FIBA told the Indonesian Basketball Association (IBA) to continue with their hosting of the games against South Korea on Thursday, Feb. 20, and against the Philippines on Sunday, Feb. 23.

IBA asked FIBA to postpone the said games due to the outbreak of the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

FIBA noted that the letter from the Indonesian Ministry of Health focuses mainly on travel to and from Mainland China, ‘which cannot be a consideration with respects to teams travelling from South Korea and the Philippines’.

The basketball organization also mentioned that Indonesia has no reported cases of COVID-19, and has yet to issue any travel warning or ban of persons travelling from South Korea or the Philippines.

FIBA also said that Indonesia will hold other international events, including sporting activities, in the coming weeks.

It appears that the Games have been singled out and, contrary to other countries, the Indonesian government has not taken any action to ban mass gatherings generally,” the letter from FIBA read.

For above reasons, FIBA has determined that there exist no exceptional circumstances warranting the postponement of the Games,” FIBA added.

The international basketball organization also reminded IBA that the association is obliged to participate in official international activities and competitions as national member federation of FIBA.

FIBA, earlier, postponed the Philippines’ hosting of the game against Thailand on Thursday, Feb. 20, due to the COVID-19.

The games of China against Japan on Friday, Feb. 21, and Malaysia on Sunday, Feb. 24, were postponed as well.

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