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FHM’s 2017 Sexiest Woman Nadine Lustre sick with dengue

Nadine Lustre (Photo Credits:
Nadine Lustre (Photo Credits:

FHM’s 2017 Sexiest Woman Nadine Lustre is diagnosed with Dengue fever. This was confirmed by the known actress-singer in her Instagram post dated September 23.

Based on her recent IG story, Nadine went for a medical check-up due to feeling weak and feverish after hiking in the mountains. The pop-star further added that she thought it was just her off-season and admitted to ignoring it for two weeks.

Nadine added that she is now recovering from the said virus, and thankful that nothing bad happened to her after ignoring her health for two weeks.

Fans have been sending their regards to the actress thru her social media account and hopes that she gets well soon.

Last August, Nadine with her celebrity boyfriend James Reid, and other friends went hiking at Mountain Ulap, Itogon, Benguet. The trip lasted until the first week of September.

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