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Beauty and brains dominate Reyna ng Aliwan Festival Queen pageant night

Supporters and fans of the 20 stunning candidates of Reyna ng Aliwan across the country flocked in front of the Aliw Theater to witness their bets and favorite contestants gracefully strut the stage. Bringing with them their posters and banners to show support, they also take this opportunity to further showcase the underlying meaning of the festivals that their respective provinces are celebrating.

“The products of Bulacan are made of Singkab or Kawayan and our province is also known for pastillas and other sweet delicacies”, shared by one of the die-hard supporters of Candidate number 20, Lady Justerinnie Santos. They came all the way from Bulacan to give their time in cheering their hearts out for their candidate.

Aside from the candidates, the crowd also gone wild when two of the freshest acoustic singers of this generation, Mark Carpio, and TJ Monterde serenaded the ladies. Carpio, who performed Kay Tagal, Bakit Labis kitang Mahal and Hiling , originally came from Tuguegarao and is fond of eating their famous Batil Patong. On the other hand, Monterde performed some of his original songs Mahika, Isang tulad Mo and Ikaw at Ako.  Mahika, which Monterde personally picked to serenade the ladies, also dedicated the song to the Manila Broadcasting Company whom he owes huge respect and gratitude.

The candidates gracefully strutted their way on stage during the Festival Costume, Swimsuit, and Long Gown competition. Their wit and knowledge on their respective festivals were also tested during the Question and Answer portion. In the end, minor awards were given to the candidates who stood out the most and shine all through-out the night’s competition.

Ms. Friendship was given to candidate number 16 from the Tuna Festival, Novie Shane Leonerio.

Shaila Mae Rebortera of Cebu was awarded as the Ms. Unique Smile of the night.

The candidate who unseemingly captivated the judges by her photographs was the Queen of Boling Boling Festival, Ella Mariz Andrei Cayabyab.

And hailing from the troop of the happiest people in the Philippines – Tacloban City, Chelsea Fernandez sashayed the stage as she swept Ms. White Rose, Best in Swimsuit and Best in Long Gown.

The coronation night of the Reyna ng Aliwan 2018 will be held tonight, April 28 in front of the Aliw Theater.





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