Ex-PSC Chair Mequi seeks resignation from POC head Cojuangco, NSA leaders

Former PSC Chairman Aparicio ‘Perry’ Mequi (Center) along with other protesters
Former PSC Chairman Aparicio ‘Perry’ Mequi (Center) along with other protesters

Former Philippine Sports Commission Chairman Aparicio ‘Perry’ Mequi is asking for the resignation of Philippine Olympic Committee President Jose ‘Peping’ Cojuangco and other leaders of the National Sports Associations.

According to Dr. Mequi, there is a need for reorganization in the NSAs and the leaders of the said sports organization need to show patriotism.

However, if NSAs’ heads do not wish to resign, Dr. Mequi said that they must implement ‘open, democratic’ elections.

“I’m calling all the heads, resign from your position and then you call for a national convention.” Dr. Pequi said. “As I said, call for an open, democratic, free election because the NSA president must exercise patriotism, statesmanship, and sacrifice.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Pequi is also appealing for International Olympics Committee member Mikaela ‘Mikee’ Jaworkski – Cojuangco, daughter of the POC president, to present the problems of the POC to the international organization.

“I’m now appealing to the heads of the National Sports Associations, to POC, and, for heaven’s sake, I am appealing to Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski.” Dr. Pequi further added. “It is only Mikee who can interact, tell the International Olympic Committee that there is a problem with the POC.”

Last September 21, Ex-PSC Chairman Mequi joined the protest inside the Rizal Memorial Sports Stadium. The protest entitled ‘Peace and Change in Philippines Sports’ sought the abolishment of the POC and the Federation of the School Sports of the Philippines (FESSAP), along with the removal of Peping Cojuangco.

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