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Even with new law, opening of school year may still push through in August

Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian (Photo Credits:

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian fears that even with the newly signed law giving President Rodrigo Duterte the flexibility to move the date for the opening of classes during times of calamities, school will still start on the already agreed date of August 24.

Gatchalian, chairman of the Committee on Basic Education said that currently, there is no reason to delay the opening of classes on August 24.

The President though, can consider delaying the opening of classes if some areas in Metro Manila will revert to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine because of continued increase in number of CoVid19 cases.

However, Gatchalian said that going back to MECQ will be unlikely because it will not be approved by the economic managers of Malacanang as the country’s economy is already taking a beating from the on-going lockdown.

In line with this, Gatchalian is once again appealing to the Department of Education to review its proposed limited face to face classes in low CoVid19 risk areas because we wouldn’t want to risk sacrificing the health and safety of our children.

On July 17, the President signed Republic Act no. 11480, amending Section 3 of Republic Act no. 7779 or the “Act to lengthen the school calendar from two hundred days to not more than two hundred twenty class days”.

The new law will give the President flexibility to adjust the date of the opening of classes after August, in times of calamities.

The new law will also cover all primary and secondary schools, including foreign and international schools.

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