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Escudero slams PNOY administration

Sen. Francis Escudero (screen grabbed from the internet)

One of the more favored potential candidates for the Vice Presidential race in 2016 is the latest politician to strike Malacanang.

Senator Francis Escudero said that under the Aquino administration, dropout rates in elementary and high school continue soar.

Based on the tally of the Department of Education, the dropout rate in elementary is 6.02 percent in 2008-2009; 6.28 in school year 2009-2010; 6.29 percent in 2010-2011; 6.38 percent in 2011-2012; and 6.81 percent in 2012-2013.

The high school dropout rates from school years’ 2007-2012 was ranging from 7.45 to 7.95 percent.

What the tally means is that per a thousand of enrollees in the elementary and secondary, more than 70 students quit school every year due to poverty.

For Escudero, the government lacks programs in preventing the increase of out of school youth.

Prior to this, Escudero fired back at Vice President Jejomar Binay stating that he didn’t hear the Vice President mentioned when he was presenting his platform that he didn’t cheat by taking the Filipinos’ money.

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