Erap boasts administration’s accomplishments during MPD 115th anniversary

Screen grabbed from internet
Screen grabbed from internet

Manila Mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada was the Guest of Honor in the 155th anniversary of the Manila Police District (MPD).

During the said event, at the MPD headquarters in UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila, praised the so-called ‘Manila’s Finest’ as partner in ensuring peace and order in the city.

Erap said that his administration has allocated not less than Php136 million fund for the allowance and other financial needs of the police in the city and Php150 million for their equipment.

In 2013, Manila had a total unpaid obligations of more than P5-Billion. Today, that figure stands at zero.” “Because we succeeded in erasing Manila’s debts, we started fulfilling four obligations to those who had waited so long to receive what was due to them, especially to the brave policemen of MPD who did not receive an allowance for 1 ½ years.”

Erap added that since his administration started in 2013 until 2015, they have allocated more than Php1356 million for  members of “Manila’s Finest’.

Aside from 110 electric transporters (SEGWAY), an additional 15 patrol cars were purchased with the use of PAGCOR funds, while 14 more were purchased for the MPD by the City Government of Manila. These vehicles are in addition to the 12 patrol cars previously donated by our friends from the Filipino-Chinese community, represented by four of its biggest business organizations.

Also, the renovation of MPD headquarters has been finished which allocated Php20 million to give new image for the office. The city government wanted to create a working environment that encourages hard work and dedication.

.All in all, about P150-million was invested in 2015 to ensure that the MPD has all that it needs to do its job, the mayor congratulated gen. Ricardo Nana on his leadership in MPD.

The mayor added he wanted those dedicated men and women of ‘Manila’s Finest’ to show to all Manilenos and the entire country that in their city, they have one goal  ‘Manila, Forward ever, Backward Never!’.


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