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Ellen Page is OUT and proud of it!

Hollywood actress comes out

“I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission!”

In a very emotional and yet very proud moment for Hollywood actress Ellen Page, she announced to the public that she is indeed gay and that her action, was an obligation and a social responsibility.

The announcement was made during the actress speech at the Time to Thrive conference to promote LGBT youth.

The actress narrated how she had to hide her true identity to fit a certain mold set by Hollywood standards and was afraid that people will not like the real her.

However, by doing that, she was slowly losing herself.  She felt that she wasn’t happy anymore from hiding who she is and from pretending whom she wasn’t.

Pausing several times during her speech, she told the audience many instances in her life through the lenses of the paparazzi that hurt her the most.  Being gender stereotyped doesn’t help anyone, and for the lead actress of Juno, it’s about time that she becomes true to herself.

Page gained fame in movies like X-Men: The Last Stand, Juno, Hard Candy, Inception, Whip It among others.

After her gay admission, she’s set to star opposite Julianne Moore in the indie movie Freeheld.  They will be playing as a lesbian couple.

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