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DZRH: One nation, one station

DZRH: One nation, one station

Twenty years ago, DZRH embarked on a “One nation, One station” initiative, expanding its coverage to an unprecedented 97 percent of the Philippine archipelago. To date, it is the only station in the country that is on air nationwide 24/7 on stereo-quality, simulcast via satellite to relay stations in key provincial cities.

Through all these, DZRH and the top brass at the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) have remained fully cognizant of their target listeners and have used this to master their programming trust.

They have convinced advertisers to support their efforts at activation and integration in reaching mass audiences. DZRH taps into the consciousness of the Pinoy, takes inherent socio-cultural phenomena like fiestas, raffles and machismo sports, and actively makes them tick.

At the same time, through creative thinking by the staff and high-quality execution by their announcers, DZRH has translated traditional broadcasting techniques like talk-radio and soap operas into productive and impacting forms of integration or product placement that have become increasingly more efficient in moving brands across a complex media landscape.

Despite the rapidly changing landscape of mass communication, nothing beats the immediacy of radio and its accessibility to the masses. Being an arbiter of national mood, DZRH has not just chronicled the most important events that have shaped our history as a nation, but also long proven that what it broadcasts can help determine government strategy and affect even the most basic needs of our daily lives.

The credibility established by their announcers has set standards for the industry as a whole. Through its programming thrusts, DZRH will continue to channel cultural expression, for while in form and substance Philippine radio remains western, its sensibilities are unmistakably Filipino. This is the role that DZRH played in the past seven decades, and a mandate it will continue to uphold in the generations to come.

It is the way DZRH announcers today relate to their listeners that truly spells the difference. It is a legacy handed down through generations of broadcasters who knew their audience. It is foresight brought about by the changing of the times. It is a style acquired through personal interaction with the man-on-the-street. And it is a mantle of leadership, new experiences, and empathy toward mankind brought about by having made it through the past 75 years.

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