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Duterte: Wala akong ambisyon maging Presidente

                                                                               (File photo)

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Monday afternoon announced that he will not be running for President in the coming 2016 national elections.

During a press conference, Duterte said that he will be retiring from public office after his term as Mayor ends in 2016.

Based on different survey results, Duterte is among those favored as potential Presidentiable in the 2016 national elections.  He is being considered as  a potential running mate of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas for the Liberal Party.

However, Duterte’s always been vocal that he has no interest in seeking the highest post in the land.

The Davao City Mayor is known for his no-nonsense type of governance. Just recently, reports surfaced that the Mayor had asked a smoking foreign national to swallow his own cigarette butt after violating the town’s smoking ban policy.

However, the said news was clarified by Duterte’s camp, claiming that the said incident happened a long time ago.

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