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Duterte rushes journalists to hospital

Photo: DZRH Henry Uri
Photo: DZRH Henry Uri

On election day May 9, 2016, it was like another day at the office for DZRH reporter/newscaster Henry Uri in Davao City, Davao del Sur.

Minutes after President-in-waiting Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte cast his ballot at Daniel Aguinaldo Elementary School in Matina District, Uri realized that the person who he was covering during the election period is truly a person for others.

Duterte came out of the polling precinct at past 4 p.m. when a horde of local and foreign journalists ambushed him for a short interview. After the usual statements, the “trash-talking” future President was about to board his vehicle to head for a news conference at Mandaya Hotel.

Photo: DZRH Henry Uri
Photo: DZRH Henry Uri

A commotion happened sending everybody – with video cameras and all – falling like domino to a half open concrete culvert of canal, Uri and Rappler reporter Pia Rañada-Robles and journalist Richie Tongo of European Press Agency (EPA) included.

“My legs got stuck in the culvert. Oh, well…it’s part of the job,” narrates Uri on air who has been with Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) since 1998.

Not to be outscooped, Uri disregarded his situation and rushed to Mandaya Hotel for the press conference.

However, after the press conference, Presumptive-President Duterte learned about the incident and rushed Uri and Tongo to Davao Doctors Hospital on General Malvar Street, Poblacion District for proper medical attention.

“We’re not related to Mr. Duterte. We’re just hardworking and simple journalists but he personally took care of us at the emergency room and wanted to see if we’re okay. He did not leave us until we were cleared by the doctors. Davao City residents are truly kindhearted. Their incumbent mayor is very kind and loving person,” Uri said.

The DZRH reporter also thanked Duterte’s spokesman Christopher Bong Go and staff for taking care of him and his colleagues.

“He was like a father to us. Maraming Salamat po muli (thank you very much) Mr.  President-in-waiting,” Uri said.

With a captivating sense of humor and unfaltering vigor on air, there is no wonder why Uri continues to earn more loyal listeners.

He sounds naturally funny and no one can surely catch up with his wit. This is why whenever he is on board, he is set to own not only his program, but his timeslot.

A student activist by heart, hailed from San Antonio, Quezon Province, Uri is an alumnus of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation in Lucena City. He was a University Scholar and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, major in Broadcasting in 1995.

In April 1998, he joined Manila Broadcasting Company as the O-I-C of Radyo Natin in Padre Garcia, Batangas. He was then promoted to the head office of Radyo Natin in Makati in the year 2000 as an announcer.

In 2001, he became part of the DZRH family as a segment producer and radio announcer. He anchored Magandang Umaga Pilipinas on weekdays, from 4 to 5 in the morning. And currently ACS Balita and Rapido Hataw Balita.

Right after Operation Tulong on weekdays, he anchors the Rapido Hataw Balita from 3-3:30pm, except on Fridays. He is also the host of the anti-corruption program Diskarte on Saturdays, from 2-3pm, which is co-produced by Cultural Center of the Philippines. (JCA)

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