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Duterte assaults local and foreign newspapers

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte (Photo by DZRH Jhun Dimacutac)
Pres. Rodrigo Duterte (Photo by DZRH Jhun Dimacutac)

President Rodrigo Duterte criticized the foreign newspaper New York Times, after they published an editorial that shows support to the case filed against the leader of the Philippines at the International Criminal Court.

On the said editorial, New York Times called Duterte as ‘the man who must be stopped”.

The President responded by saying that the operation of the said American daily should be stopped since it kept on meddling on the Duterte Administration, but it does not complain about the wrongdoings and failures of the American government.

Duterte even called ‘The New York Times’ as asshole.

“It is about time that their publication is stopped.” Duterte said regarding the New York Times. “You are assholes. You do not even criticize your own mistakes. Invading a country and making up excuses before the world. Is that truth? You better stop your publishing.”

Duterte, also, complained about the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which he accused of tax evasion.

Due to this, Duterte threatened Inquirer, and announced that, in six months, he will order the closure of the newspaper company, and will reclaim it as government property.

“In six months times, I will go after them. I will get back Inquirer. You have to let go of that property. It is not yours. ” Duterte said regarding the alleged tax evaders. “There is always a law for that.”

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