Alias ‘Jaguar’ killed in a shootout in Caloocan City

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One dead and another missing after a shootout was exchanged between the police and two drug pushers early Tuesday.

According to Chief Inspector Ronald Cayago, they were on their way down from the creek of phase 8, package 5, at Bagong Silang, Caloocan City when the suspects started to open fire.

The suspect alias ‘Jaguar’ was killed after exchanging fires using his super caliber 38 with the authorities, his accomplice on the other hand escaped in the rush of the moment.

Chief Cayago said that the menace group of ‘Jaguar’ is involved with the countless selling of illegal drugs and theft.

The conflict was tracked after the police force responded to the excessive selling of shabu which ended in a gun fight at Ykol prison.

Many residents from the area fear the notorious group of alias ‘Jaguar’ because of the amount of armaments he holds and the distress of introducing themselves as members of the Philippine National Army.

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