Dolphy’s legacy continues

Dolphy Alay sa Kalusugan

As they say, you’ll know the worth of a good man when he’s gone, and last Saturday, the late King of Comedy Dolphy, proved that a good heart will continue even if the owner of that heart is no longer with us.

Eric Quizon, one of the more famous sons of Dolphy, with his Kaizz VenturesInc. and in cooperation with Dolphy Aid, conducted a medical mission in cooperation with the Kalinga Partylist and the Manila Broadcasting Company-DZRH at the Star City parking lot.

This was Eric’s way of continuing his father’s legacy which for most part is helping his countrymen.  Dolphy had a “rags to riches” story, and he never forgot where he came from.  Therefore, as his family’s way of paying homage to their father, the Quizon family, through their different foundations and charity works have come up with different ways on how to continue with what their Patriarch had started.

The medical mission didn’t only provide the basic services, but it also offered free dental consultations, free haircut, free circumcision, free reflexology, and free optical check-up.

As early as seven in the morning, people already lined up to avail of the many free services that Eric’s team had prepared.

Participants were treated to a hot and tasty breakfast of porridge provided by DZRH’s Operation Tulong.  The people weren’t exactly bored while they waited for their turn as there were a lot of freebies being given away by the event’s generous sponsors.

Also, there was a small stage set up for a mini-program.  There were invited doctors who talked briefly about some health concerns, and a big treat for everybody was when Zsa Zsa Padilla took the mic and interacted with the audience.

It was also during the said event that Epi Quizon introduced an android game that is both fun and educational as well.  According to Epi, he was asked by the game developers themselves if they can use Dolphy’s positive image in the game app.

The kids from the medical mission were the first ones to try the said game.  And from the kids’ enthusiastic response, it won’t be long till the game goes viral.

Eric’s mission is to remind people to take care of their health.  And as he promised, this is the first of the many more projects that their foundation plans, as their way of helping their fellow Filipinos.

The Dolphy Alay Kalusugan Medical mission in cooperation with Kalinga Partylist and Rep. Abigail Ferriol and in partnership with MBC-DZRH’s Operation Tulong, would like to thank their sponsors and other media partners for making the event a success.


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