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DOLE considers financial assistance for minimum wage earners nationwide

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) considers giving financial assistance to minimum wage earners nationwide in order to help the workers in the continuous splurge of the basic commodities in the Philippines.

On Wednesday, DOLE Secretary Bello announced that he will propose the idea of granting  subsidy to minimum wage earners to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte within a three-year period. The subsidy, which will range from Php 200 per month, will be given at one time for a total of Php 2,400  for the whole year. It will be exclusive for the 4.1 million minimum wage earners nationwide. DOLE intends to give the financial assistance for three consecutive years.

Bello also added that a P200 monthly subsidy is an amount the government can afford at this time.

Meanwhile, Bello is expecting the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to determine where the budget will come from, while the Department of Finance (DOF) is the agency amenable to the proposal.

We appeal to President Duterte to please make, this time around, the right decision in favor of workers by granting not just P200 (in) subsidy but P500, just what we have proposed to him,” Associated Labor Unions spokesman Alan Tanjusay said in an interview.

He justified that even if the additional subsidy will not be sufficient, it could still provide a relief to the workers who are aching in the increasing cost of the basic commodities.


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