DOJ’s done with Veloso’s case vs. recruiters

Mary Jane Veloso, a Filipina set to firing squad on April 24. But she does not fear it. ( Screen grabbed from internet)

The Justice Department is already done with the hearing concerning the case filed by Mary Jane Veloso against her alleged recruiters, Mar. Cristina Sergio and Julius Lacanilao.

The camp of Sergio and Lacanilao were able to submit their rejoinder affidavit to Assistant State Prosecutor Susan Azarcon.

Based on their rejoinder, the two insisted that the DOJ should junk the Human Trafficking, Illegal Recruitment and Estafa cases filed against them because Veloso didn’t attest her statement in front of Azarcon.

If the DOJ will give merit to Veloso’s statement, this will be a clear violation of their rights under Art. 3, Sec. 14 of the constitution, to face the witness.

According to Sergio and Lacanilao’s statement, the Velosos’ weren’t able to prove their counter-affidavit on why Mary Jane is considered a victim of Human trafficking.

Sergio and Lacanilao are standing firm that they didn’t promise Mary Jane that a job is waiting for her abroad, and there’s no truth behind claims that they received six thousand pesos from the Velosos, instead, the two accused even provided pocket money for Veloso when the latter left for Malaysia.   (with DZRH Boy Gonzales)

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