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DOJ orders the axing of 3 NBI agents over cellphone issue

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima

The three agents of the National Bureau of Investigation responsible for providing a convicted criminal with a cellphone, have been removed from their posts.

The order came from Justice Secretary Leila De Lima.  However, the names of these agents were withheld to the media.

The case stemmed after a high profile inmate in NBI revealed that some members of the agency provided him with a cellphone and a pocket wifi in exchange of a big sum of money.

According to the said inmate, who’s now under the protection of the DOJ, the “asking price” for both the pocket wifi and cellphone was 1.5 million pesos.

The said agents conducted a mock inspection inside the NBI cells of high profile inmates.  After they’re done inspecting their rooms, they will leave the cellphone and the wifi inside.

De Lima suspects that an official of the NBI was the one giving orders to the NBI agents.  This is now part of their investigation.

Meanwhile, even before the said inmate revealed what the agents were doing, there have been instances where prohibited things are illegally being smuggled inside inmates’ cells.

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