DOH reminds public to ‘isolate infants below 6 months’ following measles outbreak

Babies rest on a bed inside a maternity ward at a hospital in Manila on November 14, 2008. REUTERS/Darren Whiteside

In line with the continuous measles outbreak in the country, Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Francisco Duque II suggested that infants below six months old should be isolated if there is a measles outbreak in the community.

In a statement on Tuesday, Duque reminded the public that it is risky to give an anti-measles vaccine to infants aged five months and below since their immune system is not yet fully developed. Duque also added that infants infected by measles need to be isolated “and let the body take care of its own” if there are several cases of measles in the community to prevent the spread of the disease.

DOH has been conducting immunization program among infants aged nine to 59 months to contain the increasing number of measles cases. It has recorded 4,302 measles cases with 70 deaths from Jan. 1 to Feb. 9 this year.





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