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Doctors clear Napoles to undergo biopsy

Philippine National Police Public Information Office Photo

Businesswoman and alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles on Monday has been cleared by doctors to undergo biopsy to determine if the cyst in her uterus is malignant or benign.

Dr. Florentina Villanueva, head of Ospital ng Makati OB-Gyn department, said Napoles has been cleared by the endocrinologist for procedure.

“We were able to manage the blood sugar over the weekend. She has been cleared by the endocrinologist and the OB-Gyn team is ready to do the procedure,” she said at a press briefing.

Villanueva said they are just waiting for the consent of Napoles so she can undergo procedure.

Once doctors are given consent, it would take six hours to prepare her for the actual procedure, Dr. Perry Peralta, Ospital ng Makati medical director, said at the same briefing.

Villanueva said the procedure is called endometrial biopsy where a tissue will be taken from Napoles’ uterus, particularly in her endometrium. The result of the biopsy will be known in three days.

Napoles is expected to be confined for 26 days after her surgery.

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