DENR investigates clearing of Boracay bat sanctuary

Photo from the web
Photo from the web

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is currently investigating the claim that an area in Boracay Island, known for its sanctuary for endangered fruit bats, is being cleared.

The group named ‘Friends of the Flying Fox’ (FFF) were the ones responsible for bringing the issue to light; according to the environmentalist group a certain private developer is clearing the area near the Puka Shell Beach at Barangay Yapak, well known for its sanctuary of the endangered fruit bats. The area was issued a “no-building zone” by the DENR for the growth and inhabitance of the animals.

The FFF along with several environmental groups has called on to the government to declare the area as a wildlife sanctuary and Natural Park as the bats are critical for the ecosystems of Boracay and Panay Island. The bats help in reducing the insect population in the area as well as pollination.

DENR Western Visayas executive director Jim Sampulan has requested the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office in Aklan to verify the said claims.

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