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Deniece Cornejo remains inside detention cell

Deniece Cornejo and Ellen Adarna

Accused Deniece Cornejo is still behind bars after her camp failed to submit one of the requirements needed for her temporary release following the court’s decision to allow her and co-accused Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz to post bail.

According to Cornejo’s grandmother, Lola Florencia, the Office of the Prosecution didn’t sign the clearance papers of Deniece.

However, this isn’t exactly a problem because they were able to wait for five months and one night for her release.

Based on reports, Deniece wasn’t able to sleep well on Tuesday night as she looks forward to her temporary release.

Cornejo, Lee and Raz are charged with Serious Illegal Detention regarding the alleged mauling on tv actor/host Vhong Navarro.

In other news, Ellen Adarna isn’t bothered by the latest nude pictures of hers circulating in different social networking sites.

The said pictures were taken from a magazine pictorial.

According to Adarna, she just wants to move on from the said issue.

The starlet added that she believes everything will be ok in the end.

The pictures showed Adarna naked with only her private parts were censored.

She also clarified that she doesn’t have a sex video and she’s used to being adored by men.  She, however, will not let anyone violate her or treat her with disrespect.

The magazine were the pictures originated vehemently denies being responsible in the leaking of the said pictures.

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