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De Lima: Lascanas’ expose’ may lead to Prez Duterte’s impeachment

Sen. Leila De Lima (Photo credit:
Sen. Leila De Lima (Photo credit:

President Rodrigo Duterte may be impeached due to the strong revelations of former SPO3 Arturo Lascanas against him last Monday.

In a press conference at the Senate, Sen. Leila De Lima mentioned that what the alleged former member of the Davao Death Squad revealed is a serious implication against the President.

Lascanas during the presscon held at the Senate revealed some of the orders of the former Davao Mayor included the killing of a whole family, the murder of a famous broadcaster in Davao, Jun Pala and bombing of a Mosque as revenge to a blast in San Pedro Cathedral.

De Lima stressed that these are all serious crimes and may be a way for the President’s impeachment.


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