DBM submits 2015 National budget

House of Congress (photo by DZRH Leth Narciso-Abinales)

The Department of Budget and Management submitted to the House of Congress its proposed 2.6 Trillion peso-National Budget for the year 2015.

The said budget is higher by 15.1 percent from the previous 2.265 Trillion peso National budget of President Benigno Aquino III in 2014.

The controversial Priority Development Assistance Funds has been removed from the proposed bill after the Supreme Court deemed it as unconstitutional.

Here’s the breakdown of the 2.606 Trillion pesos proposed National Budget:

Social Services- 97.9 Billion pesos

Economic Services- 700.2 Billion pesos

General Public Services- 423.1 Billion pesos

Debt Burden- 399.4 Billion pesos

Defense- 115.5 Billion pesos

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