Davao Del Norte rep. Floirendo accuses House Speaker Alvarez of “political vendetta”


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Davao Del Norte rep. Antonio Floirendo Jr. on Thursday slammed House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez after learning that he was included on the list of 24 Congressmen who received “zero budget” for their infrastructure projects in 2018.

Floirendo, who accused Alvarez of “political vendetta”, said that he resented the sudden announcement of the House Speaker given their close relationship before.

Floirendo accused Alvarez of plotting his downfall after putting the people of Davao del Norte at risk and sacrificing their needs.

Floirendo, who is known for supporting President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 presidential campaign, stressed that he is not an opposition of the administration.

According to Floirendo, despite the sudden setback, he will be looking for alternative ways to allocate funds for his programs and projects next year.

Alvarez is the representative of the first district of Davao del Norte.

Other affected representatives were members of the independent Minority Magnificent 7, Makabayan Bloc, and the Liberal Party.


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