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Davao City Mayor Paolo Duterte denies accusation

paolo duterte

Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte immediately denied the accusations being thrown at him by Davao Death Squad (DDS) witness Edgar Matobato during the Senate hearing on Thursday.

According to the younger Duterte, Matobato’s accusations are mere hear-say only.

Vice Mayor Paolo added that he will not respond to Matobato’s accusations, who he referred to as a “madman.”

Matobato during Thursday’s Senate hearing claimed that the Davao City Vice Mayor ordered the killing of Cebuano businessman Richard King in 2014.

The said witness also accused the Vice Mayor of using illegal drugs and being involved in smuggling of rice and petroleum products in their town.

Matobato added that President Rodrigo Duterte dislikes smugglers like Davidson Bangayan, but is not aware that his own son is involved in smuggling.

The DDS witness claimed that Duterte serves as the handler of the “Sasa Wharf” or the port of Davao.

Matobato said that he was tasked to bring millions of pesos to members of the Bureau of Customs from Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and smugglers.

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