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Daniel Padilla gets slimed; Miss A’s Suzy tells what it’s like to date Lee Min Ho


Teen heartthrob Daniel Padilla is the first Filipino personality to get slimed at the recent Kids’ Choice Awards.

The Kapamilya star was both nominated for “Asian Act” category and “Global Slime Star”.  His votes weren’t enough to win him the “Asian Act” award but his luck didn’t fail as he was chosen to be slimed at by teens from all over the world.

Padilla was up against some famous Asian acts which include JKT 48 from Indonesia, JinnyBoy from Malaysia and Tosh Zhang from Singapore.

Meanwhile, last week, social media went a buzz as two of South Korea’s most famous and well-loved actors confirmed that they’re dating.  City Hunter star Lee Min Ho and hailed as the “nation’s little sister” Miss A’s Suzy have been dating for a while now.

Both of their managements have confirmed the said news, and in a recent interview, Suzy candidly answered questions concerning her relationship with the said actor.

While promoting her group’s new album “Colors”, Suzy said that Lee is “a deeply caring and warm person.”

The two were photographed while out on a stroll in London.  According to Suzy, both were in London for separate photo shoots, but since their schedules overlapped, they decided to meet up.

When asked what they did during their date, Suzy said that they just went for a drive, ate food, and spent time together, “just like ordinary people.”

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