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Daniel Padilla draws flack for allegedly shaking a Cherry Blossoms’ tree in Japan

daniel padilla

Teen king Daniel Padilla was in Japan recently to celebrate his birthday and the success of his movie with Kathryn Bernardo.

Amid the high of the recent success of their movie, “Can’t Help Fallin’ Inlove”, Daniel is now being bombarded with criticism after an alleged video of him shaking a Cherry Blossoms’ tree in Japan while taking a picture of a girl, went viral in social media.

According to some netizens, it is a “no-no” to shake a Cherry Blossoms’ tree, because they are considered sacred in Japan.

Daniel’s camp has yet to issue a statement regarding the said issue, however fans of the young actor and some friends are already defending him.

Some of his fans claim that Daniel may not be aware that such rule exists, or that he has no intention of disrespecting any Japanese tradition and its culture.

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