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DA forms crisis management team due to increased deaths of pigs

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The Department of Agriculture (DA) has formed a crisis management team (CMT) to investigate and act on the reported increase in deaths of pigs raised by farmers in their backyards.

Dar said that the team will issue regular bulletins to update the public on the situation.

We also ordered the CMT to work closely with key industry players and local government units, much more with the officials, to manage the incident and carry out ground level operations immediately,” DA Sec. William Dar said during a press briefing on Monday, August 19,

We will institutionalize the active participation of the private sector and the local government units. They will be part of the crisis management team from hereon to gain their full involvement and commitment including other technical teams that will monitor and evaluate said events,” he added.

Dar confirmed that they have quarantined and disinfected some areas affected by the suspected animal disease that hit the local hog industry. They have also culled some hogs in order to contain the suspected disease.

He said that affected areas saw about a two percent above normal increase in the mortality of pigs.

The agriculture secretary also assured the the public and animal industry stakeholders that DA remains ‘on top of the situation’. He also doubts that the situation will affect the prices of pork products since animal industry leaders assured that the local market has enough supply.

Meanwhile, Dar said that it will take at least two weeks up to three months for accredited laboratories to ascertain whether African Swine Flu or another animal disease caused the rise in morality of pigs in the Philippines.


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