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The cry of Mother Earth – what can we do?

Agham Partylist Angelo Palmones

Humans play a vital role in taking care of the environment.  It can help make it a better place, but also be the cause of its destruction.

The planet that we are living in is now suffering. We are extracting all what our planet can give. Trees have been cut, animals are getting killed, and nature has been exploited.

Mother Earth’s resources are depleting.

But we can do something to save Mother Earth, can’t we?

Recently, the Supreme Court of the Philippines issued a Writ of Kalikasan against the mining operations of DMCI Holdings Inc. and DMCI Mining Corp that is causing too much environment damage in the province of Zambales.

Agham Partylist headed by Angelo Palmones filed a petition against the DMCI for allegedly damaging a land formation in Sta. Cruz town in Zambales when they pushed the soil to the sea while constructing a port for its metallic ore mining operations.

As an environmental advocate, Palmones encourages the youth to participate in different ways on how the environment can be preserved and protected.

We should refrain from littering. Throw garbage in their proper bins.

Separate which is recyclable and non-recyclable can make a huge difference as well.

Using eco-friendly bags rather than plastic helps too as it decreases the waste level of our country.

Get involved with local environmental efforts such as participating in tree planting movements as it creates a big help for our environment. The greener, the better environment we will have.

There are many ways on how to save Mother Earth but we cannot save our planet if we will not start right now. The change is upon our hands. It is us who are the stewards of our own place. It is within us on how we can make all things right. Let us make it happen, the change we always wanted, for the betterment of our planet.    (contributed by Karlos Kastrillo)

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