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COVID-19 survivor Howie Severino arrested by QC law enforcers for pulling down mask to drink

Journalist Howie Severino | Photo courtesy: Google

Journalist Howie Severino was arrested on Wednesday by Quezon City law enforcers for pulling down his face mask to drink water.

In a Facebook post, the COVID-19 survivor narrated that he was out riding his bicycle with companions when they decided to stop at a bike shop on Mother Ignacia Avenue where they decided to but drinks from a shop next door.

“We were all wearing masks. We bought drinks at the store next door, and drank them after pulling down our masks below the mouth (because we have not learned to drink yet with masks on),” Severino wrote.

He added: “I had just finished my drink and returned the bottle to the store before I could pull my mask back up when at least 3 vehicles of QC law enforcers arrived to tell me I was talking without my mask covering my mouth.”

He was then brought to the Amoranto Stadium for a “seminar” on the coronavirus before he was allowed to go home. He explained to some QC employees that he is a recovered COVID-19 patient.

“I am assuming their intent in taking people to a mass gathering in a stadium is to control the spread of the infection and save lives,” he said.

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