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Court issues TRO on MRT/LRT


Commuters will have to bear longer with long queues and always packed MRT and LRT coaches.

Presidential Spokesman Secretary Edwin Lacierda admitted this after the Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order on the planned acquisition of new coaches for both trains.

Lacierda added that the said case’s arbitration is set to be brought to Singapore which they have to wait for it to finish before they can buy new coaches.

The Cabinet Secretary insisted that the Department of Transportation and Communications can’t do anything but to wait on the verdict of their filed case against the winning contractor.

However, DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya is doing his best for the DOTC to acquire new coaches.

“Unfortunately, there’s a case now before the courts, and in fact, I just saw a news that they intend to bring an arbitration case to Singapore, so right now my TRO. We have to litigate that case before the courts first. So—but it has always been a concern nga in DOTC. So hopefully, the TRO, the case will be resolved soon so that we can go about acquiring the coaches,” added Lacierda.

Meanwhile, the DOTC will extend the operation hours of MRT 3 in order to alleviate the traffic problem in Metro Manila due to the road projects of the government that they simultaneously started constructing.

According to the DOTC, it will try the said extension for a month and see if will really help commuters who would rather take the train than be stuck in traffic.

In its first two weeks, starting from February 24 to March 7, the MRT 3’s first trip will start at 4:30 in the morning, while on its last two weeks, March 10-21, the DOTC will extend the MRT 3’s last trip to 11pm.

The normal operating hours of the MRT 2 is from 5:30am up to 10:30pm.

After the test run, the head of the MRT3 will recommend to the DOTC if they can make this their regular operating hours.   (with Alyza Joy Narvaez)

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