Cops arrest 100 individuals during drug raid in Lucena

Almost 100 individuals were arrested by authorities for supposedly being involved in illegal drugs in a bazaar in Lucena City.

A joint operation by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Region 4-A, provincial police, the Quezon Province SWAT team, and the Philippine Army led to to the prompt search of some eight drug dens in Barangay Dalahican.

According to reports, the said area was known for trafficking shabu and other illicit drugs.

Members of PDEA and other anti-drugs units also conducted a thorough inspection of the surrounding body of water in Barangay Dalahican to assure that no illegal substance escape the grasp of the authorities.

Out of the nearly 100 arrested individuals, the police was able to arrest four targets who are to be issued with a warrant of arrest.

Authorities conducted an on-site drug test where 7 then tested positive for the use of drugs.

28 packs of shabu and other drug paraphernalia were also confiscated during the raid.

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