Construction workers shot dead in Quezon City


The two victims in a shooting incident in San Isidro Street, Barangay Holy Spirit in Quezon City have already been identified.

Jerome Mila, 35 and Edward Narvarte, 38 are both construction workers.

According to Ernesto Cuaresma, Brgy. Security officer of the mentioned area, around 11pm when the personnel of the barangay saw the two victims hang around the road amid being advised to go home since curfew is already implemented.

Minutes later, the barangay officials received a call regarding a shooting incident, when they responded they saw the bodies of the victims with gunshots.

According to witnesses, the victims were on their way to a store when the unidentified suspects onboard a white van with no plate suddenly fired at them. Narvarte was cornered beside a house while Milan tried to run but was caught by the suspects.

Families of the victims still have no idea the possible suspects behind the incident since the two allegedly have no enemies.

Authorities recovered 10 empty shells of 9MM in the crime scene. Investigation is ongoing for the identity and motive of the suspects.


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