Cong. Biazon reveals its time to condemn National Security Council on the issue of the West Philippine Sea

Congressman Ruffy Biazon

Niloloko lang tayo ng China pagdating sa relasyon natin sa kanila”, a powerful statement articulated by Congressman Ruffy Biazon considering the unrelenting issue between the Philippines and China in the West Philippine Sea. He urged the government to put an effort in deciding for a diplomatic protest in order to avoid the progressing of China’s facilities around WPS, which can, later on, occupy the islets within the area.

Biazon also stressed in an interview with DZRH, that the coast of the Philippines must have a firm position since China implanted their missiles that can reach the range of the country’s territory. Nonetheless, this military installation further gives them the control over the sea and the fishermen, whether it’s a Filipino or foreign. However, the disapproval of the proposed diplomatic protest may lead to a default in the Philippine government.

Yet, Biazon disclosed that their resolution and belief that it’s about time to condemn the National Security Council to have a national consensus, especially those in the Executive and the Legislative branches of the government. The involvement of the NSC in this issue can be strengthened with the support from the different sectors of the government, and not just the Congress alone.

On our own, malabo na talaga mabago because it is their strategic direction and talagang emboldened na sila since nakakakuha sila ng gains to get dominating presence in the West Philippine Sea“, Biazon on the mindset of China and further  deem that even if the country has the sovereign right on the West Philippine Sea, it should be considered as an international concern.





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