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Confusion ensues among BI officials over Wang Bo


Officials of the Bureau of Immigration contradicted each other during Tuesday’s hearing in Congress over the deportation issue of international gambling lord “Wang Bo.”

The Bureau of Deportation issued the said foreigner a deportation order last March 5, 2015 but took it back on April 21.

According to Assist. Commissioner Gilbert Repizo, the board retracted its previous order after receiving documents from Chinese Police against Wang Bo, coinciding with the latter’s filing for a motion for reconsideration.

Repizo said that they need to withdraw the deportation order because the documents submitted by the Chinese Police were not authenticated.

However, Commissioner Siegfred Mison said that it’s not part of the Immigration Bureau’s protocol to require authenticated documents for “wanted” individuals.  Authenticated documents are only required when applying for a visa.

The said ruling is based on the Act of State Doctrines.  If a foreign embassy sends in a representative to discuss with the Immigration Bureau and declares that a certain individual is a fugitive, the BI will automatically prepare the deportation proceeding against the said person and will immediately be deported from our country.

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