Complaint vs UST OB Gyne goes viral on social media

(photo: Andrew Pelayo's Facebook page)
(photo: Andrew Pelayo’s Facebook page)

A story about the death of an infant because a doctor from the University of Santo Tomas Hospital denied the mother’s admission due to lack of money has started making its rounds in social media.

Based on the statement of Andrew Pelayo, father of the victim, his wife was about to go on labor on Friday, 3am.

UST Hospital was the nearest hospital from their home therefore he decided to bring his wife there.  Upon reaching the said hospital, a certain Dr. Ana Liezl Sahagun did the check-up on Pelayo’s wife and found out that his mother and soon to be child are in danger.

The doctor allegedly said that they needed to do the operation while the baby is still alive and with a heartbeat, but they needed to do it via Ceasarean section.

Pelayo only had Php6,000 with him that time and Dr. Sahagun said that they need more than that before they can operate his wife.

Dr. Sahagun allegedly asked them to go to a different hospital amid the critical situation of his wife.

Pelayo immediately brought his wife to the East Avenue Medical Center but on their way there, the mother already felt that the baby was no longer moving inside her.

The baby was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

As of press time, Dr. Sahagun or the UST Hospital management have yet to comment on the said issue.


  1. Irresponsible reporting to the highest degree!

  2. Responsible journalism please.
    Who are you to say that this was critical? Are you a doctor? Did you examine the patient? So you report its critical because you read it in his FB post, thats what you report? Tsk tsk.
    Yes it was URGENT and since they cant afford it there they were PROBABLY ( i dont know either so i use these words) referred to a government hospital which wont ask for money. The level of ignorance of commenters are sad, but having read it from journalists are simply horrific.

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