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COMELEC issues waring against delay on distribution of election allowance

Newly appointed Commission on Election commissioner Rowena Guanzon shook hands with Chairman Andres Bautista. (Screen grab from internet)
Commission on Election commissioner Rowena Guanzon and Chairman Andres Bautista. (Screen grab from internet)

The Commission on Elections made a stern warning against those who will cause the delay of distributing the honoraria or the allowance to people who served during the recent national elections.

COMELEC Commissioner Rowena Guanzon said that anyone who will delay the distribution of the said allowance may be facing election offense.

In a memorandum of Guanzon to COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista and COMELEC Financial Services Director Zita Buena-Castillon, under Section 10 of Republic Act 10756, if the allowance and honoraria of those who served during elections will not be given within 15 days after the elections, anyone who will be the cause of this delay will be facing election offense.

Guanzon added that a lot of teachers have yet to receive their allowance.

Meanwhile, the COMELEC Commissioner stated that the COMELEC En Banc already received a notice from Land Bank stating the reason for the delay.

In line with this, Guanzon said that it is the responsibility of their financial services department to make sure that the BEI will receive their honoraria at the right time, through their bank cash cards.


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