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Coloma hits motorists for being “cry babies”

Presidential Communications Group Secretary Sonny Coloma

If you can’t bear heavy traffic, then do not leave your house.

This seems to be the message Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma wants to convey amid criticisms by motorists due to 15 major road projects in Metro Manila.

Coloma called the motorists “cry babies,” saying they should need to understand that in the long-run, it would be the benefit of everyone of the Skyway Stage 3 Project and NLEX-SLEX connector road.

The Palace official explained that the country losses something on a simple traffic that motorists experience everyday, which is why the Aquino administration is finding ways to solve traffic problems.

Malacañang said the traffic rerouting scheme has been very effective and very efficient, which meant a steady flow of traffic along the roads where the projects are being done.

However, it said the hellish traffic has yet to come, so motorists should brace for a standstill.

“This means that there is ample time to make further adjustments,” Coloma said.

Coloma added that the Japan International Coordinating Agency that the Philippines has been losing P2 billion in revenue due to traffic.

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