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Coldplay’s Chris Martin visits sick fan

chris martin

The family of Ken Santiago, a die-hard Coldplay fan, thanked the band’s front man Chris Martin, for finding time to visit Ken who is currently confined at the hospital.

Ken is battling Cancer.  According to a post of his brother in social media, Ken actually had tickets already for the Coldplay concert. But he was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer.  His brother said that he gave away his ticket to him and told him that it’s ok if he won’t be able to see his idols perform live.  But his family knew that the 4th year Medicine student from UP Manila is sad to give up his dream of watching the Coldplay concert.

Ken’s brother’s wish is for Chris Martin to send a shout out to his brother who is battling the biggest battle of his life to date.

The post went viral and with the help of MMI, the producer of the said concert, Chris Martin found time to visit Ken at the hospital.

The British singer asked Ken his favorite song, which the latter replied “Ink”, and Chris promised that he will tell his bandmates to practice the song and include it in their setlist.

Before leaving, Chris even gave Ken some Coldplay merchandise.

This is the first time that the band performed in Manila.  Tickets to Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Dreams Tour were sold out in minutes.

The group vowed to come back to the country and continue to inspire people with their music.


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