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COA warns senators of using oversight fund


The Commission on Audit (COA) warned senators regarding the use of their oversight funds.

In a news report, the COA issued a memorandum to all senators to remind them of using the P480-million allocation for oversight committees properly so as to avoid misuse.

Apart from this, the news report’s source revealed that the agency is looking into possible anomalies of realignment of the Senate’s operational fund under the 2014 national budget.

With this, the COA is asking the Senate to submit audit instruments periodically, including the list of staff members and consultants assigned to the respective oversight committees.

“This early there are already advances from some of these oversight committees when most have not conducted any hearings,” the news report’s source said.

COA’s move was made after it was known that several committees made advancements even without their committees conducting a hearing.

There are 31 congressional oversight/ad hoc committees under the current 16th Congress. The oversight committees are different from the 39 permanent committees of the Senate.

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