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China Telecom, Dennis Uy firm lone bidder to qualify for first round of third telco

(Photo courtesy: Reuters)

Out of the three bidders on Wednesday, Davao tycoon Dennis Uy’s Udenna Corp and China Telecom’s Mislatel consortium are the only groups that passed the first round of screening for Philippines’ new telecommunications player that will go against PLDT Inc and Globe Telecom.

The decision stemmed after the National Telecommunications Commission disqualified the SEAR Telecom consortium for not having the required participation security and PT&T for its lack of certification capability.

SEAR Telecom is owned by former Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson. It is a Mindanao-based TierOne Communications, the Luis Chavit Singson Group of Companies, Cambodia’s Southeast Asia Telecom, Singapore’s Miller Pte Ltd., and China’s Fujian Torch Electron Tech.

Despite the disqualifications, the NTC has formed a ‘grievances appeal’ to allow the disqualified bidders to file an appeal with three calendar days to do so.

Mislatel Consortium is the joint partnership China Telecom and Davao Tycoon Dennis Uy’s Udenna Corp and Chelsea Logistics. China Telecom, being known as one of China’s biggest carriers boasts of 281.6 million subscribers has a total base of nearly 3 times the Philippine population. It posted net income of 13.6 billion yuan (roughly $2 billion) in the January to June period.

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