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Cherry Pie Picache defends Agot Isidro’s social media post

Actress Cherry Pie Picahe
Actress Cherry Pie Picahe

The controversial post in social media of actress Agot Isidro hauled in different reactions from netizens after the singer-actress allegedly referred to President Rodrigo Duterte as a ‘psychopath.’

Award-winning actress Cherry Pie Picache defended Isidro claiming that she understands her courage to notice the weakness of the president’s leadership.

Picache expressed her admiration to Agot for fighting her conviction and principles amid knowing that she may receive bashing from it.

Some netizens criticized the actress/singer’s condemnation of the president in social media where she called him a ‘psychopath.’

Agot’s post made no mention of any name, but those who have read it came with the conclusion that it is directed against the President.

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