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CHED: UST could be liable for Castillo’s death


The University of Santo Tomas could be held liable for the death of Horacio Castillo III due to hazing.

Commission on Higher Education Executive Director Julito Vitriolo explained that UST will be held responsible if proven guilty of not following the right  procedure or if the institution is aware of the hazing,

Exec. Dir Vitriolo said that there have already been many victims of hazing in the past few years but no one, or at most one or two of the suspects, are imprisoned.

Due to this, Exec. Dir Vitriolo believes that loopholes in the existing anti-hazing law needs to be addressed in order to avoid incidents like Castillo’s death, especially since the objective of a fraternity is to uphold brotherhood.

Exec. Dir. Vitriolo further added that legitimate fraternities have many contributions to our society and have produced skilled leaders.

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